Calm Before Bed

Posted: Thu 25th Feb 2016 22:20

A beautiful and peaceful story meditation experience for children of all ages (we recommend 2-9 but any age who needs a calm and relaxing chill-out time before bed-time.)

• Does your child have a challenge relaxing before bedtime?

• Is your child full of worries and anxieties that just never seem to go away?

• Are bedtimes fraught and full of temper tantrums and arguments?

Why not try playing our peaceful story meditations!

Try it for a week and see how much calmer and relaxed your child is from listening to soothing, peaceful words, music and sounds from nature.

I wrote this first story mediation for my 9-year old brother nearly 13 years ago and he listened to it every night for over a year. He loved his bedtime meditations and it always brought him peace and calm and sent him to sleep every time.

I am a musician, teacher and mother to two girls and they love the calm bedtime routine we share with them which always includes songs and beautiful words and music. 

I wanted to share these with the world so this is the first of many story meditations to come! 

Calm Before Bed can also be used in the classroom, to calm the children before home-time, to enable them to feel centred and empowered and to realise the gems within them.

I worked on this, Journey Down Stream, with my husband so it is our great delight to have worked as a team and we offer this to you, in the hope that it is of assistance to you, your family and the children you interact with and care for.

Bedtime meditation for children - Journey Down Stream.

Words and Music by Victoria Leith

Production by Tom Leith 

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