Caramelia Cakery: The Raw Un-Bakery

Posted: Wed 18th Feb 2015 10:00

This is my first recipe e book and is full of incredible delights that are full of really good stuff like nuts, seeds, pure cacao and coconut butters, raw honey, fruits and veggies.

If you love cake but also love your healthy life, look no further! From 'Rawlos' to full-on birthday cake, this book will change your cake life!

If you want treats that are free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, refined sugars and flours and that also have NO artificial colours of flavours (what!? Amazing!) then look no futher! Tried and tested on my little family, lots of friends and a few strangers!

Completely vegan? This book is STILL for you as you can substitute any recipe that calls for raw honey with maple or coconut syrup (or any other sweetener that you choose!)

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