What do YOU need?!

"I need healthy treats recipes for my family but with NO refined white sugars, preservatives, flavours or colours!" 

"My child is stressed and anxious before bedtime... I need something to help her relax and sleep!"

"I want to lose weight and feel REALLY good from the inside out but don't want to go hungry!"

"I want to learn how to make amazing gluten/dairy/sugar/egg-free cakes!"

You can find books, courses and meditations right here, in the MamaBabaDo store, to meet all these needs and more!

A beautiful and peaceful story meditation experience for children of all ages (we recommend 2-9 but any age who needs a calm and relaxing chill-out time before bed-time.)

• Does your child have a challenge relaxing before bedtime?

• Is your child full...

Posted: Thu 25th Feb 2016 22:20
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Do you want to cut out white refined sugar but still want to make cakes and treats for you and your family that taste even better than shop bought goodies?

Do you want to literally have your cake and eat it,...

Posted: Fri 20th Feb 2015 14:53
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This is a short, nifty little ebook which explains exactly how I launched my ebook Caramelia Cakery:The Raw UnBakery and made £900 profit in just two days, ALL thanks to Facebook and its wonderful Events feature!

This is a perfect book...

Posted: Fri 15th Apr 2016 11:14
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Feel Great, Lose Weight and become supercharged in just 30 Days!

Would you like to be a Supercharged Mom!

A brilliant new programme, especially designed for busy, active Moms who want to prioritize their health!

Is this you?

Would you...

Posted: Thu 21st Apr 2016 21:25
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Aimed particularly at young people, I’ll Have the Fruit and Grains,please! is about making inspired choices which will eventually lead us down the path to optimum health and well-being.



‘What will be the food...

Posted: Sat 16th Apr 2016 12:29
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Gluten free, no dairy, sugar free Recipes

After three years of cake and treat crafting, Caramelia Cakery has created more recipes for you to enjoy with your family, in this, their second recipe book! Raw, un-baked, free-from gluten, dairy, refined white sugar and eggs, there are so many gorgeous...

Posted: Wed 01st Jul 2015 13:20
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30 delicious recipes from the kitchen of Victoria Leith!



Posted: Wed 18th Feb 2015 10:08
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A few years ago, I conducted an experiment. I went 'raw' for 30 days, which meant I ate nothing but raw, unprocessed, fresh and live, nutrient-dense food. What happened? What results did I find?

Would you like to take the raw...

Posted: Wed 18th Feb 2015 10:05
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This is my first recipe e book and is full of incredible delights that are full of really good stuff like nuts, seeds, pure cacao and coconut butters, raw honey, fruits and veggies.

If you love cake but also love your...

Posted: Wed 18th Feb 2015 10:00
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Parents, when you feel you want some advice, support or wisdom, spin the wheel in 97 Parenting Tips and you will unearth a gem that you can put into practise that very same day, even in the moment!


Posted: Sat 16th Apr 2016 13:29
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