The World was so Busy Arguing About Vaccines that it Forgot what was also Making our Children Sick

Posted: Sat 14th Feb 2015 17:58

Let's not lose our heads about this...

Every time I go on the internet, I see blog posts, written by writers who just want to share a different side to things, an alternative view or just simply, a humble opinion. Then I see in the comments section below, a barrage of abuse, death threats, profanity… what happened!?

The latest and greatest debate… the one about vaccinations (you surely can’t have missed it!) has got people from all walks of life talking. Well, sharing opinions. Ok… slating each other viciously and violently. I have read some shockers. I have read abuse from both sides. I have seen how scared people have been to post that they don’t vaccinate or that they do… in my opinion, we still have a choice in the UK and no, I do not think it is clear cut. And no, I am not 'anti' vaccination. I am all for seeking the truth about things though and I know that when our health visitor told us 'No, you cannot see the list of ingredients' and 'Vaccines are 100 per cent safe' I felt very annoyed because I believe I have a right to know what goes into mine and my children's bodies and no... they are not 100 per cent safe.

And some people I know or have read about whose children have had vaccine damage have done so because they were allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine. This system is not perfect and I am sure we will see changes over the next few decades on this... We had a government years ago who said ‘vaccinate vaccine vaccinate’ and a prime minister who refused to tell us what he had chosen for his family. I know friends who have had family members suffer damage from vaccines and likewise, damage from illness. I and my whole family had measles as children with no complications and ‘measles parties' were popular. I remember when my brothers got measles first I got really upset… I wanted the measles too! My worst memory from this time was that I got all dressed up to go to a party that every single child on our council estate was going to… I had my fairy wings on ready to go and was filled with excitement. Then my step-mum noticed my rash and that was that. No party and I was devastated! I got to watch the news at ten and I had a high temperature.

Anyway, this article has nothing to do with whether we should vaccinate or not.
No matter what anyone says, by law, you still have the choice. For every person that tells me that parents should vaccinate, another tells me a reason why not. I find it all utterly confusing and sad that we have come to this point of being able to write the words to unvaccinating parents ‘You should all be rounded up and shot’. Wow.

This is what I find most interesting and would genuinely like to open up a healthy dialogue about this. It has been bothering me for some time (since I had children!) and I feel that if we are able to get up in arms about the issue of vaccinating, or not, then what happened to this area of debate, which if statistics are anything to go by, are far more shocking.

Have you guessed what it is yet? I will give you a few more clues!

  • This product when over-consumed is helping to create disease and illness in our children’s bodies
  • Over eating on this product is encouraging obesity in children (of all ages)
  • It is making them likely candidates for diabetes and heart disease.
  • There is no vaccination for the diseases this products contributes to. It all comes down to whether we let our children over consume it or not.
  • This product is addictive, has been likened to heroin and some scientists say that if we were to discover this product now, it would be banned.
  • It is served liberally in our breakfast cereals, in bread, in children’s drinks, in puddings, chocolate, sweeties and we are letting them consume it in larger and larger quantities… ok I know you guessed it by now!

When one of my friends once discovered that shock horror, I did not let my then six year old drink Coca Cola, I was told I was mean and I should let her have it every now and then… no harm can come from it.

The thing is, if you don’t give your children sugary products these days, you are seen as a little bit left-of-centre… a bit wacky, abnormal, strange, overly health-conscious. I have certainly been called some names and that is just based on my EFFORTS and intentions, not even by what I always do! I have felt quite often that when we are in group situations, I have let our child have far more sugar than I wanted because that is what everyone else was doing. And it was only one day... The next day, we all suffer for this decision.

But here’s the thing. I am not knocking anyone here as I am doing this to my child too. I know that sugar is addictive and I know that the World Health Organisation has predicted that there will be 2.3 BILLION overweight adults in the world by 2015 and that diabetes is really not so uncommon these days… this is serious.

If you walk into any superstore, just look at the aisle upon aisle stocked high with products filled with refined white sugar. It is so easy to buy. And we are receiving mixed messages constantly, just like with vaccinations except this time, we are willingly letting our children consume this stuff, become addicted to it then wonder why:

  • they need decayed teeth extracting (according to our dentist, this is down to WHEN our children are eating sugar. Sitting down and sucking candies over the space of an hour or two is not going to help their teeth. He says if they are going to consume sugar at all, to have some after a meal.)
  • their behaviour is fractured and erratic
  • they have stomach aches
  • they have withdrawal symptoms that they don’t recognise so they get angry and confused
  • they cannot go for one single day without sugar and in some extreme cases, become very, very sick and morbidly obese through excessive consumption of candies, fast food and white bread/pasta.

According to Miles Kasiri, a qualified Nutritional Therapist who works with many patients every week and has seen first hand some of the devastating effects of a poor diet, over consumption of sugar can lead to a whole host of maladies and illness and there are too many to list here!

So why is it that we are terrified of our children contracting say, the measles virus but not becoming diabetic? Because from where I am standing, it looks far more likely for the latter. Why do we stress about tuberculosis but not about rotting teeth? Why are we happy to tell a parent who has researched for years about vaccinations and has decided not to vaccinate that they are responsible for the illness and death of other vaccinated children but are not happy to consider that we are also then equally as responsible for any illness our children might get when they are older due to their poor diet?

No one wants their child to be sick! We all have that in common! I do not want my child to go through the horrors of becoming diabetic. Yet when I have expressed my stance on sugar in the past, I have been shouted down, talked over, ridiculed and told I am an over-protective parent.

So please… can we talk about this? With love? With the desire to seek a better life for our most precious and amazing children? They deserve us to have this conversation. There is enough on the internet at the moment to think about with regards to vaccination and let every one make their independent choices there. But I don't see the same discussions about sugar. The discussions, in my opinion, need to happen. If unvaccinated children should wear stickers (a suggestion I read earlier!) then how about stickers for parents who let their children drink coke at every meal? Can I just go up to the next parent who is letting their very young child drink a fizzy, sugary drink and ask them not to? No! Of course not and I wouldn't ever dream of doing such a thing! But what if that parent lets that child drink one or two fizzy drinks every day for the next ten years and the child does become diabetic? Should that parent go to prison? Because again, I read a view earlier that parents of unvaccinated children should be locked up.

The real deal is this.
No one is going to think badly of you if you serve just fruit at your next gathering. Or if you make a cake using more wholesome ingredients instead of Betty Crocker icing. Or if you get the Switch Witch to visit your child to magic away their Halloween candy for something they can use instead. Or if you teach your child the amazing wonder of having a clear mind and a healthy body free of addiction. Because if you are like me, you have spent most of your adult life trying to free yourself from being addicted to refined white sugar.

But in the meantime, could we look into how to enable our children to be as healthy and happy as they possibly can? Because I don’t want to have to explain to my two daughters when they are twenty… it was my fault. I ALLOWED you to eat sugar every single day. And I never stopped you. I thought I was limiting your intake but the lines got so blurry that ten years passed and I never realised fully the extent how much white refined sugar I was giving you.

There is no innocuation for diabetes, heart-disease, clogged arteries and obesity. But we can totally change this if we work together. And it all comes down to our diet as a whole. I am not advocating we never eat sugar ever again but I know for myself and my family, I want to give our bodies the chance they deserve to be as healthy as possible.

I am prepared for some to be defensive about this. ‘But what about birthdays? Christmas? School parties? School discos? School dinners? Play-dates? Weekends? Special Fridays? Halloween? Treat night? Special Sunday?' You can see that we could actually have something going on every single day… so what can we do?

I have many ideas about what we can do and two of my chapters in my FREE book are short and sweet and dedicated to sharing some ideas. Like I said before… I am NOT perfect in this. I want to get better though and I want to TALK about this one, not sweep it under the carpet before it is too late.

Subscribe to my newsletter and you will get my free book There’s More to Life than Biscuits - and boy, do I need to read this book myself now! Also, if you would like to learn how to make treats that are totally free from refined sugar, using whole foods (still to be eaten in moderation) then consider learning with me on my international online WonderCake 101 Cake-Crafting Course. They are all 'no-bake' (or raw) and have no artificial colours or flavourings.

No matter what our children say, we can choose, as parents, to not give them sugar. My mother cracked this when I was younger. We would visit her in the school holidays and would not eat a single bite of sugar. But she would teach us how to learn to love other treats such as eating a handful of red-skinned peanuts, chewing on a liquorice root and eating wholesome sweet fruits!! It can be done and there is no shame in saying... no! x No, because I love you.


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