How DOES she do it?

Posted: Thu 30th Oct 2014 07:31

I get asked a lot by friends how do I manage it all? How did we manage to move from China back to England when I was 7 months pregnant (and how did I manage to walk the Great Wall when I WAS 7 months pregnant!) How did I manage to have a baby with no pain relief (that is another blog post already on here!) How do I manage to stay so happy all of the time (I don't! But most of the time I am). How did we manage to move to another county when we had a two-week old baby? And how did I manage to set up my business when I had a two-week old babe? And how do I manage to write blog posts AND make cake AND feed a now 5 month old babe AND still put my 7 year old to bed AND.... and and and!

Honestly, I get asked these things a lot! Sometimes it is a question that is asked with an almost accusing undertone! And sometimes with awe and wonder. But I assure you, there is nothing magic about getting everything done. It is all to do with various elements. I am going to write a course soon about how to do this in more detail (which hey! It will be a FREE course! 'But how will you manage to get your music recorded AND a cake course and....')

Here are my top five ways to 'get things done'.

1. Husband. There... no magic pill or potion, just as simple as I have a husband who is the most supportive and loving partner I could wish for. We are a team and we work together. I support him and he supports me. He makes the green smoothie every morning for breakfast. I get our babe up and ready and feed her. Our 7 year old gets herself ready now and I am there to encourage her. He cleans the kitchen, I get myself ready (he has already had his shower). He makes the dinner, I do the bath-time routine. I usually put our 7 year old to bed whilst he holds baby. I do filming whilst he takes the girls out for a walk. We work so well together and I honestly could not do everything I do without him. The major support doesn't have to be your husband. Not everyone has a husband who is at university and works from home. It can be a good friend (a very good friend!), a nanny, a parent, a family member. I sometimes say (in a slightly panicked way) 'I don't know how I would get all this done without you' and hubby gently reminds me that he IS here!

2. Making the most of the power of the minute! In every moment, there is an opportunity. My friends ask me how I managed to take Star Khechara's fabulous Entrepreneur's E-Course whilst I had a new born. I watched her course whilst I fed my baby and whilst baby slept. I made notes with one hand writing whilst one hand holding. I could have watched day-time TV whilst I fed her but I chose not to. There is nothing wrong with watching day-time TV but I did it once and I got bored. Plus I have a million things in my mind to do so I HAD to make that choice. In the evenings, I spend time with my husband but I am generally on my iPad. We now have our dates in the day-time when babe is asleep and in the carrier.

3. I use a carrier! As soon as babe is asleep, into the carrier she goes. And then I do one of three things. 1. I work. 2. I go on a 'date' with husband. 3. I spend time with my 7 year old. Oh and one more then... 4. I relax with a cuppa. Yes I do! And a slice of delicious raw cake that I made the previous night when I chose to make cake rather than watch TV!

4. Make music next to baby. I am currently writing an album of lullabies for babies, toddlers, children and any adult that wants to listen to my melodies to get to sleep! But I don't need to set aside a different time for this. Babe is playing happily next to me and I grab my guitar and start playing and writing. Don't be scared to LIVE whilst your baby watches on! They are learning and loving the process!

5. I let my husband help me. In fact, I don't ask anymore... he offers before I even get there. He knows me so well. And I let him. Too many women want to do everything themselves - why? What's wrong in letting someone else do the things you can't do or don't want to do or don't have time to do? This is why we also hired a cleaner to come and clean our home for two hours a week. She is amazing. She does in two hours what would literally take me days! It took me a while to convince myself that it was ok to get someone to come and clean (still got one foot in the 'I should do everything myself' world and 'what will people think of me?' planet! But then I was like OMG! I can't do it all. I want a clean house. I want to be able to be there 100 per cent for my children and I want to start building up my business before my maternity runs out!

So there you have it - a sneak peek into my life. I make cakes. I have a hot bath from time-to-time. I make time to chat with friends even when I can. I give time to my family and give myself snippets of time too (working on that one!)

This is how I do it! x

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