For all the Mums in all the Playgrounds

Posted: Tue 16th Dec 2014 15:45

I am a mum and I know a lot of mums. We have known different mothers as a family as our daughter has been to three different schools so far. And in each school, no matter whether it's a little village school, a big town school or a school in China, I have noticed something. There are always some mums standing in the playground, on their own. Without a buddy. With no one to connect with and talk to. Every single day.

I have a theory though. I reckon that a lot of people who are in the playground want to reach out. They might not think they are good enough or funny enough. They are probably shy. Is this you? I know if it sometimes me. But being a connector, this overtakes my shyness and I start chatting and approaching people because that is what I do. I believe everyone can learn to do this. Here is a poem for all the mums who want to just make some friends and have a bit of human contact. We are hearing about some horrendous things going on at the moment... really bloody awful happenings. This is not a time to stand alone in the playground. Now is the time to get together, make friends and hang out. What do you think? Please share this with every mum you know - I want to start a friendship movement and I would love it to spread like wildfire. The more we get to know each other, the more we won't let atrocious things happen to one another. x

The Mum in the Playground
by Victoria Leith 2014

Are you the mum in the playground?

The one who stands alone?
The mum who keeps her gaze to the ground
Who looks down at her phone?
Are you the one who won't look up
Too shy to make a smile?
Are you the mum who hasn't felt the love for quite a while?
Are you the one who got a dirty look today and then,
Received no smiles from other mums
You feel it never ends.

Are you the mum who hardly sleeps
Because you doubt your worth?
And into the playground each day you creep
You'd rather look at the earth
You want to make friends, yes it's true
But that would mean a lie
You'd have to smile at strangers
Whilst inside you weep, you cry
No-one knows your story
No-one ever asks
Days turn into weeks and months
Is it really that much of a task?

You wish you had more confidence
You wish you'd had more sleep
You hope those other mums out there
Aren't feeling sad as deep
Are you the mum who stands alone
Wishing that someone would say
'Do you want to come over for a cup of tea? It would really make my day'?

Perhaps the other mums you see

Are thinking just like you

So who will make a move today...

Be brave, it could be you

You shine a light more brightly
Than you thought that you could shine
Not everyone notices but that's ok
They will get there in time
Perhaps we're all just hoping that one day we'll be the one
That gets the invite to come for tea
To feel like the popular one

It's funny how in playgrounds
We can stand there every day
Lots of lonely people with nothing much to say
Looking, waiting for our kids
To come running out of school
Perhaps tomorrow we could try
Breaking this silence rule
Maybe tomorrow when we arrive
Even if it's blowing a gale
We can give each other a hug and a smile
And blaze a different trail
And perhaps if we try this over the week
More mums will follow this path
And perhaps the playground will be a place where we joke and we play and we laugh
Are you the mum in the playground
The one who stands on her own
Don't be! Just come and say hi to me
What's the point in being alone?

I love you mums... yes, I do x


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