An Honest Look at How Much I have in my Account Right Now

Posted: Sat 25th Jul 2015 14:04

There has never been a better time than right now to make money online!

I have products that people all over the world love reading and using and they tell me, via email and Facebook that what I do helps them to make a difference in their lives.

That is so cool!

I get a big thrill when I receive an email from someone who made one of my recipes and they tell me that they are able to still eat treats and lose weight/overcome an illness.

So with all this amazingness, let's take a good look at my bank balance, right here, right now.

I have £6 in my bank account.

That's it.

No savings. Nothing else. 

I am one of those 'mumpreneurs' who works and works and works... gets some results then works some more. 

Then crashes. And tells herself 'I am not good enough to do this. Why on earth would anyone listen to me anyway?' 

This is no one's doing but my own and I totally get that! It is what I do. 

I need to stop it.

Then I receive an email saying 'Thank you! I love your work! What you do is amazing! And you blog on Huffington Post? So great!' And someone with a high profile will love my book or order a cake. Another victory!

I feel elated for a few moments then the hard work starts again but with very little return. But this is partly because I get an attack of the 'Who am I to be sharing this with the world?! Again. You can't just work hard for x amount of time. You need to continue to put some welly in!

Working online is tough. It is not easy and all glamourous. It is a challenge, no scrap that, really, really hard to find your tribe. People are not always willing to share your work. Some are jealous. Some feel threatened by your apparent (or literal) success. Some people take your work and pass it off as their own. Some are just your friends and don't particularly want you bombarding their newsfeed with yet another 'Please share my work... I need to eat today' posts! (and I totally get that! Don't worry friends!)

I do not want you to feel sorry for me or all those other people out there trying to really make it work.

I also don't care to hear 'why don't you go back to work?'

I am working. 

Full time.

Baby, breastfeeding, motherhood... it is a 24 hour job. I have skills and talents and I am grateful that this online world exists because it has got me through the last year and put some food on our plates.

But we have £6 in our bank account today.

This is not to say that this is my bank balance every day. Some months are much better. At the moment, I am building the business and what I would like all the good people to know starting their businesses up now is that not everyone will be earning hundreds of thousands in their first year. That is OK. Do not give up. Believe in your product.

If you choose to sell online, expect a lot of rejection. Expect people who have had to work their way up from the ground, with help from the online community to reject you and ignore you and decide that your products and your vibe is not what they want. Expect some to say 'Well done' and expect others to tell you to 'go and get a proper job', rather than this online palava.

And you have to accept this and move the heck on!

One thing I am grateful for on a daily basis is that I would not have had any business to speak of at all if I hadn't taken this superb course which I recommend to all start-up entrepreneurs. From this, I have earned thousands... and this is after having a baby and typing with one left hand whilst baby breastfeeds. I am also reminded constantly by my business mentor that I need to keep on and that the hard work starts after I finish creating a product!

 I have done what many deem to be impossible however and every day I practice gratitude for everything we do have. I have paid bills and we have food. We teach our eldest the value of working hard and that when money is not in the bank, you have to pull out all the stops and not sit there idly wishing for money.

So... what now? I will continue. And I hope you will too. 

Thanks for listening x

Are you a mumpreneur trying to make it work and finding it a challenge? What do you suggest we all do to help each other? How can we raise each other up? How can we enable each other to be successful?


ps Since writing this post, I have had 7 sales.See? It will get better! Just believe in yourself, put effort in every day and believe in yourself and what you have to offer. 

Was this post helpful to you? Please do pass it on! Thank you x

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