Looking Good for the Children

Posted: Tue 07th Oct 2014 16:09

I am a qualified teacher by profession, with a Bachelor of Education in Language Arts. Before I studied on my four-year degree course, I taught in Swaziland for a year as a volunteer, which I loved.

After this intense teaching experience, I found it quite frustrating having to go and study something which for some cannot be taught. We spent almost the whole first year looking at books and listening to long lectures about teaching and theories and 'pedagogy' and stuff I really didn't pay much attention to as all I wanted to do was GET INTO THE CLASSROOM!

I remember once, my tutor saying that we musn't give too much ourselves to the children and certainly not to smile 'until Christmas'. A teacher, when I was an NQT advised me to wear a power suit or something to show authority. Lucky for my children, I ignored all of this advice! I love all the children I have ever worked with. And the ones I miss at the moment are my 12 babes from China, in an international school where I worked for 9 months last year. They were so special to me. And every day, I made a special effort to look nice for them. Why? Because children, especially young ones, like to look at something pleasing. Maria Montessori talked about this... smelling nice, maybe putting a flower in your hair, wearing different colours and being clean. I did all of this for my children and do it as much as I can for my own two girls too. I view it as 'showing up' and caring... it's not about 'being pretty' - it's about respecting myself to show I care and in turn, teaching those tender young hearts that caring about yourself is important. And that when they gaze upon me, as they do (I was their 'mother' for the day times!), I wanted them to see a pretty flower, a smiling face, a clean appearance. Well, by the end of the day, after they had wiped their noses upon my dress and I had smudged my eye makeup because of laughing so much with them, I wasn't so clean! But we had such a bond and I miss it! I miss them. If you work with children or have your own, consider what Maria Montessori talked about... just the simple things can bring so much joy x


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