OK, so quick disclaimer! I have tasted some pretty good raw chocolate cakes but this one... this one is my favourite-to-date and it is from our funki new recipe book which you can purchase HERE! 

We discovered this amazing raw...

Posted: Fri 31st Jul 2015 13:14
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How to stop your child being angry in a day

(hint: it is nothing to do with your child changing their behaviour!)

Did you bite someone's head off today? Let's talk about solutions! I am a parent of two girls. One is nearly 8 months old and one is nearly 8 years....

Posted: Tue 03rd Feb 2015 16:02
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I am a qualified teacher by profession, with a Bachelor of Education in Language Arts. Before I studied on my four-year degree course, I taught in Swaziland for a year as a volunteer, which I loved.

After this intense teaching experience,...

Posted: Tue 07th Oct 2014 16:09
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