Is it Time to Stop Buying Products that are Tested on Animals Yet?

Posted: Sun 02nd Aug 2015 19:50

When we take a good look at what is going on and stop hiding... we can discover the truth! 

I remember in the 80's, in an English GCSE lesson, one of my friends gave a talk about animal rights. Half way through her presentation, she became so emotional about the subject that she broke down, crying inconsolably. We were about 15 at the time and we all wore badges (or buttons!) on our bags that said we were Against Animal Testing and Ban the Bomb. Anita Roddick was all the rage and we had a role model to look up to and were concerned about such issues.

Then... it all faded. Suddenly, celebrities started to endorse a whole load of products for the bathroom and make-up bag that are definitely tested on animals. I don't see many people with badges anymore (or maybe I am not looking close enough). Yet Ricky Gervais keeps popping up on my news feed on Facebook with yet another plea to STOP all animal testing. And good on him! Because everytime I see his face, I remember... I must be mindful of what I am buying. I must think. I must be conscious. 

Everyone knew recently about the shockingly sad demise of poor Cecil the Lion... that beautiful and majestic creature, his life ripped away for a mere fanciful trophy.

And meanwhile, animals every day are being treated so appallingly in the name of beauty and fashion. So my question is: can we put the same level of thought and concern into what is going on every day in the animal testing industry? I used to purposefully not watch any videos of animals being tested on because I could not bear it but now, I make sure I watch enough so that my mind can be educated. I won't share anything here. Just google it and find out... and then make up your mind.  

It is important to think about poor Cecil and to honour him. But there is nothing we can do about that tragedy now.

However, we ALL have a very simple choice. We do not have to continue to buy products that are tested on animals. This is the truth. It is in our hands. We can all take a good look at what is in our cupboard and check online whether they test on animals or not. We can have conversations, find out, investigate the truth. And then... just stop buying.

I know there are products we are all attached to but we can learn, we can change, we can alter our reality. I used to wear a lot of hairspray in the late 80's. I could not go without it. Then one day, a friend suggested that I try not wearing it and I haven't since. So one less consumer buying hairspray (which is great for the environment AND the animals AND my lungs!)

It is 2015 now and I just wonder... when are we going to stop testing on animals? I really do believe that the answer is... when we stop buying.

Of course, this goes for everything. There is a lot to sort out in this world, and a lot to clean up! But tonight, I just happen to be consciously thinking about animals being tested on when it is for beauty. Can we wear a mascara with a conscience? 

Please help me by making a list of companies who do NOT test on animals so we can support those products and eliminate the need altogether.


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