Rejoicing to be Turning 40!

Posted: Tue 16th Sep 2014 07:34

I turn 40 this weekend... and I am really happy about that! Despite needing to shift a few pounds (ok, a few stone) after having my second baby three months ago, I eat good foods and drink green smoothies, reflect, meditate and say prayers, have fun with my family and I think it shows!

I feel good about life and all it took were a few changes! Someone commented recently that I look younger since I had my babies! I still feel 17 in my head sometimes, particularly when I listen to the Smashing Pumpkins!

For my birthday treat this week, I get to see Kate Bush perform live, which is an experience I never thought I'd get to witness in my lifetime. And then I also will be visiting Tanya's incredible raw food/plant-based cafe/restaurant in Chelsea, London.

Oh the joys! Don't worry about turning 40, or 30 or 20 or 50 or 80... just give yourselves the treats in life that you love.

Spend time with family and friends. Do what makes you feel good... and sometimes do what just needs to be done! But even when I have taken up the most tiresome or grossest jobs in life, I have always done so with a happy heart, which made the ultimate difference!

Love x


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