A Story about Prayer, Money, Life, Miracles and a Really Great Skype Session with an Earth Angel!

Posted: Thu 26th Feb 2015 18:05

Which of these statements do you agree with?

  • Life can be awesome!
  • Life can be really tough!
  • Some days I feel on top of the world!
  • Some days… the weight of the world gets me down.
  • I have a business that I think is awesome!
  • I am not quite sure how to get my business moving forward… I am stuck!
  • I say prayers for assistance to help me with every day life and miracles happen every day.

For me, all of these are true! I LOVE life but I wouldn’t be a human being if I was untouched by the daily atrocities that happen throughout the world. I also feel grateful for everything we have… but sometimes I think OH MY GOD! How are we going to eat tonight?!

Money is nearly always tight with us but I am learning to not keep saying ‘We don’t have any money’.. because inevitably there is always at least £1 in the bank! Husband is at Uni. I was on state maternity and now and building my business. So when we got a quote the other day for £1700 to do some repair work on our property back where we used to live… it was hard not to freak out.

Yet I had to remind myself. Vick! God is ALWAYS there and when you ask, He answers.

At this point, I want to pause. Whether you pray or not, have a faith or not, believe in a Higher power or not… this is how this works for me. So I want to share it because it not only works… it works in THE most amazing way! And I didn’t have to go on a course to learn this. I have put it into practise and it never fails me.

I know some people will be hugely sceptical about all of this but that is ok! Either this isn’t for you or… maybe you have never tried it! If you have tried every thing else and not this, then I invite you to give it a go.

You do NOT need to be aligned with any faith to say a prayer and have it answered. I considered myself no faith at all when I was younger and received miraculous answers to prayer. I considered myself a Christian and… prayers still answered! I have been a Baha’i (www.bahai.org) since age 13... prayers answered in ways I am just constantly dumbfounded by!

Now, the next few examples are money oriented. I want you to know that my life is not at all about money - it is about love and service and what we need as a family and I am happy to trust God completely that this amazing Divine Source of All-Knowing energy KNOWS exactly what I need and when I need it. Not that there is anything wrong with money. As my 8 year old daughter said randomly the other day... 'Mummy... money is like an energy, isn't it? Just coming to us and then we spend it but then it comes back again like waves in the sea.' WAH!!

But I also believe that I need to ask. I need to sit down and say that prayer (or walk and say that prayer). I need to ask, ask ask! I have ALWAYS received an answer. Whether it’s an inner knowing, someone coming into my life with the answer… ok let me give you a few examples and the first one is...

We lived in China. We were due to come back and had NOTHING. We gave away all our furniture and most of our possessions as we thought we’d stay out there for longer. I had to cut my contract short at the school I was working at and I had to pay them money and lost earnings, all to the tune of £10,000.

I was six months pregnant and we had one more month in China. Where were we going to live when we got back? We said prayers every. single. day. In fact… every moment of every day! Literally! I have a running prayer in my head sometimes and it is simply, Please God… I cannot do this without You. I need your help, your assistance, your guidance.

Rewind a few months. As soon as we got to China and were settled in our apartment, I had a really vivid dream. I woke up and told my husband. It was SO clear. I dreamt we had come back from China and we were given a home to live in. It was small but also large and was exactly what we needed. And it was free.

Two months later, I had the same dream. Different home, but free!

I started to pray about our return… I knew to trust completely and I knew to ask but I felt my resolve faltering… how could we possibly find somewhere to live. We would be going home to the UK with NO money!! Tom kept reminding me to trust.

I had the dream one more time. We would return and be given somewhere to live, for free.

I spoke to a friend about not having anywhere...

She mentioned this to another mutual friend and then she got in touch with me.

"I have spoke to my mum… when you get back, you can stay in her flat... (for free!)

Seriously… I was floored! We stayed there, in a fully furnished flat for three months, and were only asked to contribute towards bills. I was able to have the birth I wanted and rest and relax… it was a safe haven. We all felt truly blessed. It was exactly what we needed.

Now let’s rewind a few years. We made some serious money mistakes. We were in debt. There was NO way at that point, or so it seemed, that we’d be able to raise the extra money to pay off the thousands and thousands of pounds we had borrowed.

I was standing in our kitchen. We had already prayed and prayed… every day the stress of it all was getting worse and worse. I stood in our kitchen and just said… 'God! I know that this is a lot to ask… but I know that in reality it is nothing too. Please… we need about £15,000 to clear our debt. We cannot do this alone."

A few days later, we received some mail. This letter was from an old finance company that every now and then would send us a mailout to get a new loan from them. We had cut all of our cards up years ago however and every time we got something from them it would go straight into the recycling bin.

Same company, same envelope, but this time, as I held it in my hands I had an overwhelming urge to open THIS one. I had NO idea why but something made me do it… I don’t mean an external force. It was just a... I have got to open this! But my mind was telling me PUT IT IN THE BIN!

I read the letter… something told me to keep reading, keep reading. Then I felt a thunderbolt jolt through my body as my heart skipped several beats.

There is was, in black and white.

WE OWE YOU £15,000

Shaking, I took it down to the cellar to show my husband as I thought it must be a fake. But it was a PPI claim, (that we had never filed!)

We received our cheque for (just under! After tax!) £15,000 a couple of weeks later and paid off swathes of debt.

I cannot stand here and tell you why this happened. All I know is that I asked, directly and was answered.

Forward wind now to us arriving back from China, with literally NO money. So we were staying in this gorgeous fully-furnished flat. We needed to buy a car, live, buy food etc. We had a gift from a relative for £1000. Tom filed a tax claim and we received another £1000. We sorted through our post from being away and there was a cheque that we nearly missed for £3000. The amount was exactly what we needed and not a penny more!

Coming back from living in another country, having had the best experience ever and returning totally on faith that all would be well… trusting in God that everything will be provided... it is just intense and crazy and wonderful all at the same time.

Living in that flat, we knew we had to move on and rent somewhere by the sea. We had applied short term for some benefits whilst Tom looked for work (and he didn’t get a single bite!) However, we had just enough to see us through the holidays. We looked for a home in Kent where we were going to relocate but it was looking hairy… we were wondering how on earth we were going to be able to purchase beds, wardrobes, cutlery, towels... literally we just had six suitcases of belongings!

To cut a really long story a bit short, we finally found somewhere by the sea that was fully furnished. Ridiculously so! To tea towels, an iron, chairs, table and even… towels!

And now… for the present. Today in fact. Back to that massive bill of £1700 that we needed to pay.

And when we added up what we needed (paying the car, a friend who had bought something for us recently and a short-term loan from the in-laws, it came to just over £3100.

This morning, an amazing friend from Ireland, Nichola Sherlock, (the Earth Angel I referred to in the title of this post!) called me for a special 1:1 chat. She was giving this to me for free to thank me because I had organised a fund-raising concert a couple of years previously for her daughter who suffered from terrible burns to her face in an accident involving head lice solution and a naked flame.

And here we were, chatting on Skype! It was AMAZING to hear Nichola’s voice! We have known each other for a few years on Facebook and to make this deeper connection was just so powerful.

Nichola instantly (in under 30 seconds!) got to the root cause of why I was holding myself back in my business (and it was a big surprise!) We chatted for 15 minutes in a whirlwind of wonder, with her talking beautifully and holding me in the most sacred and lovely space. I was listened to and as she is very intuitive and in tune, she had lots of things to say to me that I scribbled down furiously because they were all one hundred per cent spot on!

Then my husband came into the room and I had to pause… because he was shaking a bit of paper under my nose with yet another PPI claim that had arrived at that exact moment. It was for… can you guess?


EXACTLY what we needed and not a penny more.

I continued with my session with Nichola and life will also continue. And some days will still be a struggle and some days we will feel victorious and others we will be wondering WHY?!

But praying for me is such a reality. It is not whimsical. It is absolute. I could include many more stories here about the power of prayer but I am saving that for my new book which will come out…. at some point!

I just wanted to share this now because every single day I hear from people who are hurting. Who are desperate. Who are living under the shadow of things which are plasters (band aids) on what lies beneath. I have never felt so confident and so astounded by the power of prayer. I read set prayers from the Baha’i writings which are stunningly beautiful and as illustrated in this post, I sometimes just voice it all out loud.

When I say my prayers are always answered, this does not mean I always get what I want. I don't feel like I need to have it all and I also believe that this life really is the place for us to develop our spiritual qualities. Pain, suffering ... All of this is hard to understand. A lot of it is our own doing. Some things just seem to happen. If we try and do it all alone, well from my experience is it all a lot harder and a tougher road to take.

I want to tell you more! I want you to know that really… I know people from ALL faiths and none and prayers are answered everywhere.

I can’t wait to share much, much more on this subject but for now, would you like to try it out?

It does not have to be money related at all. It could be to solve any difficulty.

Because even though we sometimes feel that there is NO way out and that life is ruined… that things cannot change and there is no escape… I KNOW the opposite to be true.

Just standing in that kitchen all those years ago… asking for what I felt was an enormous sum of money and to receive it so randomly… God is a name to describe something we cannot describe. The wind is so powerful yet we can only see it in the shape and form of actions, such as leaves dancing in the breeze or waves raging in a storm. This power is REAL.

Love x

One of the prayers I say, (well, actually sing!) every single day with my family is:

Armed with the power of Thy name, nothing can ever hurt me and with Thy love in my heart all the world's afflictions can in no wise alarm me.


Wow! Victoria what a testimony to God's goodness and faithfulness to you and your family. I firmly believe God meets people where they're at on the journey of life and His heart is to bless us when we connect with Him.I'm so glad I came across your blog and am looking forward to reading more of your authentic musings!

Margaret - Tue 12th May 2015 - 11:58am - Reply to this comment

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