Losing Weight with the Three-Pronged Approach

Posted: Wed 14th Jan 2015 17:37

I had some eye-brows raised at my latest decision to 'join' Weight Watchers! Believe me, one of my own eye-brows was raised too!

Here is why some eye-brows were raised, including mine!

'Weight-Watchers when you're high-raw? They just promote their crappy products full of sugar!'

'But... you're healthy!

'But... you make cakes that are good for you!'

'But...you're not overweight...'

So here's the deal. Just like most other women who have had a baby or two or even who haven't, I struggle with my weight. I can't blame this weight gain on my newborn baby. For starters, she is now 7 months. And I have gained a stone since she was born! What I DO blame my weight gain on is that when I came back with my family from living in China, I wanted to choff and scoff every food I had missed and craved whilst being away but didn't have access to! I was MUCH slimmer in China! I was pregnant AND slim! (and still overweight but losing weight whilst putting on weight without even trying.)

I am currently four stone overweight. It's ok! It will come off. Except I don't have time to think about it. I need a structure and I need support. I have lost weight in the past with my husband and this time, I decided I would check out WW. I had tried Slimming World in the past and had never got on with it (and didn't like the whole idea of the 'Syns'.) I have no idea how Slimming World works now - I guess it's much the same as WW and will be good for some and not for others. That is also, ok!

I eat a high raw diet so people are often shocked when I tell them I am overweight. 'But you look so healthy'! And I am in many ways! But as many people know, I also make raw cakes for a living and have been eating a lot of them. And I have not been doing as much exercise since the birth of my newest bee! My body ached so much for quite a few months but now it is regaining massively in strength! When I joined WW I became aware very quickly (as I already knew but needed someone else to tell me aside from friends!) that everything has a point. I cannot eat a hundred cakes a day and lose weight. I can however, if I chose, eat cake every single day and lose weight. I could also choose to eat a Creme egg every single day... and this is where you can be healthy on WW or not.

At my first meeting, I raised the point that I loved avocados and should I want to, could I use all my points eating them? I was told YES of course!! Well this is brilliant because years ago, this was not the case. Smoothies and juices were not encouraged but eating tonnes of fat free stuff and sugary treats supplied by WW were. They have upped their game and moved with the times and now they say HOWEVER you eat, if you need to lose weight, just use the point system.

So I can have my big green smoothie and my kale chips and my raw toffee bars... I can do all of this and lose weight. And yes, yes yes! I already know this! But just like having a fabulous cleaner come in once a week to sort out our home, having a weigh-in and having a group to check into with face-to-face contact is brilliant!

And I am pretty excited!

But WW is just part of my weight-loss journey and 1 prong on my 3-pronged fork! (*if Miranda Hart is reading, I bet you love that word, 'prong'!) The second prong is my knowledge that I have learned over the years about which foods serve my body best. I am pretty clued up now on which foods are good for ME and which foods I need to avoid. For the past few years I have eaten a high-raw diet and have enjoyed much better health because of it. My third prong, is that I also have a naturopath who is working closely with me. He is AWESOME and we are writing a fabulous recipe book together! He keeps me on track and regularly tells me to 'go fruit myself' which I love as 1. It is funny and 2. Fruit is 'free' on the WW plan.

I always seem to apply 3-prongs to most things in my life. I think in this way, there is more chance of success. If I was to just 'do Weight Watchers' without the other two prongs, I am sure I would enjoy success. But I also know that my learning journey has not just enabled me to lose weight before... it has enabled me to rid myself of many pesky illnesses and ailments including eczema, hay-fever and regular sore-throats colds and coughs, which I simply do not get any more.

So if you want to lose weight, don't feel like you've lost the plot or failed because you turn to something like WW. We have an AWESOME 'leader' who is brilliant! She is motivating me every week (and I have only been to two sessions!) And the group are just wonderful. Real mixture of people and I am loving them more each week!

I look forward to sharing not only fabulous photos of my weight-loss!

Would you like to lose weight but are finding it hard year after year to do so? Why not consider my three-pronged approach! And you can also join me and many other women (and a couple of men!) in Our 30 Day Raw Transformation. We are on Facebook so come and find us! We are all supporting each other to be healthy and happy so really, that is my fourth prong! x

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