How I got my Health Back with Food

Posted: Sun 08th May 2016 23:07

I am a person who is always going to be prone to certain things. Allergies (to many things; cats, dust, pets, carpets, fabric sprays, smoke, harsh detergents, body sprays), asthma, eczema and inflammation of my joints.

Amazingly, I have also discovered that the connection between diet and our health is HUGE! And I want to shout this from the rooftops as I keep seeing people suffering, like I did and I know that most of that suffering is not necessary.

I know this because I have BEEN there! Done that! Worn a million of the t-shirts!

My diet as a child was the usual diet for any child growing up in the 70s and 80s. Cereal with milk for breakfast. Crackers with honey and peanut butter. Lunch was a sandwich (or the dreaded school dinners when I was younger -  HEAVE!) and dinner would be something delicious like lasagne, fish, home-made chips, home made french bread pizza...I NEVER used to drink any water - only if it had squash in it. 

I hardly ate any fruit... a few grapes perhaps, an apple every day but not ever an abundance of fruits and veggies. I hated salad and it was all my mum could do to encourage me to eat the two bits of tomato on my plate. 

When I went to Secondary school, the school dinners improved in my eyes although having only a small bit of breaded fish and a fried egg every Friday is NOT my idea now of a nourishing meal.

Allergies and my skin and hayfever, colds and coughs started to get worse and more frequent. I would spend my whole summer buried in tissues, sniffing Olbas oil, taking antihistamines that never worked yet made me feel detached from my body, scratching my skin to bits when the eczema kept spreading further and further over my body.

Let's talk more about the eczema as it is very significant. From my mid-teens, it was a part of me. I would go clubbing and dance for four hours and my skin would burn (the night clubs were full of smoke back then) and it would all flare up and I wouldn't know how to take care of it. The doctor kept on prescribing the same hydrocortizone cream... for eight years! He never once asked me what I ate or drank. It was just as simple as, 'You have this rash, you need this cream.'

I would wake up with blood in my finger nails from the scratching. I knew I wasn't dirty but I felt it. It was like this permanent mark upon me and one day I just thought I cannot believe I have this! I don't understand it! Why? (I always used to ask 'why'!)

I then went to live in Swaziland, South East Africa for a year to volunteer for a Baha'i youth year of service. Eczema and all! My health was bad out there. I took tablets for malaria, depsite us not living in a malaria area and my diet was terrible. We were surrounded by beautiful fruits and I didn't eat a single darned one of them! Instead, I was hooked on coffee and would drink several cups of instant coffee a day, each with 2 sugars in and powdered milk!

Breakfast was now huge hunks of bread with some kind of spread and loads of high sugar peanut butter.

Most days after school, which was quite stressful, my friend and I would scoff big chocolate bars and quite often head into Mbabane, the Capital and go to a special ice-cream place there and eat and eat...

We would be invited to people's homes and they would make us the most delicious foods, high in refined fats and sugars, which was just what we wanted.

And my body then started to break down. The eczema was literally a sign (not that I knew then!), screaming at me DO SOMETHING! Stop shoving this crap into your body! PLEASE feed me what nature intended!

I started to get crippling pains in my stomach which would send me almost delirious and my skin was so bad that my children at the school would ask why it was so bad. People would stop both me and my friend in the street and tell us about a remedy they had for bad skin.

I remember once, us both in our dingy bathroom, putting on this horrible smelling concotion of milk and lemon... nope! It did not work.

Then finally, I went to see a specialist who knew all about disease and illness and how the body worked. She checked me over, did some tests then told me that my body was so toxic that it was indeed starting to break down. She told me to go and eat just watermelon for a few days.

Well... I didn't! I went back to where we lived and continued to drink the disgusting coffee and the mountains of refined white sugar and loads of white bread and white pasta and hardly any fruit or raw vegetables.

We then came home and our parents were shocked to see how much weight we'd put on and how bad our skin was.

My legs were a mess from infected mosquito bites and red raw eczema.

I was a mess!

I sank into a depression and cried a lot of the time. It was hard being back from such an incredible experience. I missed living in Africa and I started to lose faith in myself. I stopped eating 'properly' in order to lose weight and then in my first year of University, made friends with an amazing group of lads and we formed a band and I just loved it so much. The second year was even better but my diet consisted of about 3 chocolate bars a day, some cake, lots of dancing at night clubs then having cheese on toast. Looking back now, I had a very disordered way of eating.

After I lost quite a bit of weight (still feeling massive though as my diet was so poor so I FELT internally poor!) a friend picked me up (literally!) and said 'ENOUGH VICKY! You have lost enough weight now. You are beautiful. Stop.'

And then, a miracle happened.

Someone gave me a copy of a book called Fit for Life. He RAVED about this book and said it had changed his life. He has just been away for a year living in Australia and was starting to put these principles into practice.

I devoured the book. Maybe it was because I was older, or that it was my time to listen... I took on the main principles. NO dairy. NO refined white sugar, pastas of breads. Eat ONLY fruit in the morning until midday. No animal flesh (easy as I was vegetarian at that point)

Would you believe me if I told you that in a matter of weeks, ALL the eczema, terrible skin, crippling stomach pains, colds, coughs, everything.... it all went. What had just happened?!

I kept thinking it was too good to be true but the more I learned, the more I put into practice. I would nearly always food combine and had stopped having cereal with milk for breakfast. I made these little changes and kept on discovering new ways to eat and WHEN to eat. For example, to always drink water before a meal. To always eat melon before other fruits. 

I kept all these principles in mind and in action throughout my 20s and 30s. My diet was not perfected and my weight fluctuated but I suffered no more from the onslaught of all those terribly annoying and life-sapping illnesses.

Since then, I discovered even more amazingness when I started juicing (thanks to Fleur Missaghian and later, Jason Vale!) and then the wonders of a high raw food diet (thanks to Shazzie!) And then I met Miles! And Miles, who was also a Registered Nutritional Therapist  caught me in a time when I had turned to sugar for comfort and when I needed to lose weight. So here I am now. 

My principles are still in place. I still food combine and I drink green juices daily. I haven't have caffeine in the form of tea and coffee for over a decade (with the odd Coke here and there!) I don't drink alcohol. I don't suffer any more from coughs, sore throats, colds, eczema all over my body and hayfever.

But I still struggle with food and this is why I am so delighted that Miles has become a coach for me. He has worked with hundreds of patients with eating disorders, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and the work he does is amazing and healing.

He reminds me that I can eat fruit in abundance and large bowls of steamed greens and veggies. He reminds me that I need to stick to my principles and that I need to take care of myself and that I OWE it to myself and my family. 

This is my health story in a (rather long) nutshell.

If you are suffering from ANY disease or illness, please, whatever you are doing, try the route through diet. No harm can come from it. And the evidence is mounting... a plant-based diet, FULL of fresh, living foods is what we are all heading for. It's the diet of the future and can be the diet of now. 

We do not need to go ON a diet any longer. We don't need to lose weight only to put it back on again. We don't need to keep on applying harsh creams to our skin. We just need to:

Drink water...lots of it!

Eat loads of greens... loads!

Eat tonnes of fruit.... just like an ABUNDANCE of fruit!

We need to stop putting stuff into our bodies that keeps us addicted and ill. 

We need to start living.

I am grateful to God every single day that I found this route... the pain of all the illness I used to suffer serves as a memory to keep me on track. And for the times I feel myself slipping, my skin is there in an instant to remind me... don't do it! I am still prone to everything I described. But I can enjoy a life within bigger boundaries, with more freedom to roam.

I want to share this journey with you and enable you to learn what I have learned over the last 20 years and what I have learned more recently with Miles. So I invited him to be the Registered Nutritional Therapist on a programme that we developed together and it is brilliant and based on all my experiences and all of Miles' expertise!

If you would like to address what is going on with your body, we offer SO much support and a wealth of knowledge and recipes and expertise. 

Come and book onto SuperCharged Mom (even if you're not a mother!) and see how we can help you to find the real you! I often feel like a butterfly, emerging from her chrysallis, even after all these years at the age of 41! I would never go back... only forward now.

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