Would you like to create a life full of health, happiness and DOING?

Posted: Fri 13th Feb 2015 23:18

Then MamaBabaDo is the perfect place for you! Thank you for coming to visit! It is truly wonderful to have you here. My name is Victoria Leith and I am a Mama to two gorgeous babas! One is a baby baba, one is an older baba!

I am a qualified teacher by profession and it has been my honour to work with other people's 'babas' around the world: China, America, Africa and the UK. I stayed/stay at home with my babas but also work so that makes me a 'work-at-home' mama although between you and I, perhaps we don't need to assign labels to ourselves anymore like that! Mamas across the world... whatever we are all doing, we are MAMAS, right?!

The idea behind MamaBabaDo is to help each other lead healthier, happier lives through sharing ideas, tips, motivation and support. We all have the ability to change perspective on life. When you have a child of any age, you might feel so happy and elated.

Or... you might feel stuck, under-appreciated and under-valued, and eating all the foods that make you feel lousy rather than lively. If you are are feeling stuck right now, and would like change, then I invite you into my world where nothing is impossible! And where with love and friendship, and working together, we can all share the joy and happiness.

This is the place to come to when you would like to read about conscious parenting (not perfect parenting!), really life-changing, health-giving recipes, incredible cakes full of delicious and nutritious ingredients, really beautiful soul-stirring music and life-affirming meditations and wherever you live in the world, the chance to learn with me online with some fabulous e-courses! I like funny and I like serious.

I love to connect with people all over the world and try and speak my truth in my writing as much as possible, whether it's about spiritual subjects, food, discipline or head lice!

Everything expressed on MamaBabaDo is my opinion, my thoughts, my beliefs and my ideas. If you spy a recipe you love or an article that either resonates with you, or you believe it will reach out to someone you know, do share. I would really love that! Thank you!

I have a really cool free book for everyone who signs up to my newsletter! It's easy to sign up and you have my promise that I will never share your details with anyone else! I will, however, email you weekly with recipes, new blog articles, news, support, motivation and competitions!

So let's re-cap:

- Mama
- Baba
- DO!

Whatever it is you want to do in life, you can still be a mama, have a baba and DO it!

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