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I love a good competition! And I was chatting to the lovely people at MiracleSuit and they have one beautiful swimsuit worth £140 to give away to a MamaBabaDo reader! The suit is a size 12... but I reckon it will fit size

Posted: Wed 19th Aug 2015 23:01
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This is a plant-based, gluten-free curry that takes moments to prepare then you pop on a low flame (or in a slow cooker) and let all the flavours infuse! It is SO good! Hope you like it too:) In a pan

Posted: Sat 08th Aug 2015 11:21
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OK, so quick disclaimer! I have tasted some pretty good raw chocolate cakes but this one... this one is my favourite-to-date and it is from our funki new recipe book which you can purchase HERE!  We discovered this amazing raw vegan

Posted: Fri 31st Jul 2015 14:14
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